Encred are experts in the technical details of SFG20 and not only provide technical authorship of the task schedules but can provide consultancy services to establish an effective maintenance regime in any building or series of building however large.

SFG20 is the standard maintenance specification for building engineering services. It is recognised as the industry standard and is an essential tool for planned maintenance.

Launched in 1990 by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) formerly known as the HVCA it is the benchmark for working standards; providing building owners, managers, contractors, consultants and end users with the tools to keep buildings properly maintained and compliant. Whether it’s a hospital, university campus, commercial building, department store, supermarket, railway station, prison, hotel, or data centre there is an SFG task schedule to cover the maintenance of the services within that building or infrastructure.

SFG20 is a library, providing over 600 industry maintenance task schedules covering all principal types of heating, cooling and ventilation, specialist equipment, the installation / plant and electrical services.

A colour-coded criticality rating system helps distinguish what work you have a legal obligation to complete and enables users to immediately visualise a clear prioritisation of tasks to optimise maintenance to avoid over or under maintaining assets.

Red – Statutory tasks. These are tasks which must be carried out at the recommended frequency to ensure legal compliance.

Pink – Mandatory tasks. These are tasks which must be carried out to ensure regulatory and sector/organisation compliance.

Amber – Function critical tasks. These are tasks which must be carried out to maintain business critical assets. By carrying them out at the recommended level of frequency, it will avoid the over or under-maintenance of assets.

Green – Discretionary tasks. These are tasks which must be carried out to maintain non-critical assets.

Healthcare maintenance

Encred have recently been involved in the development of a suite of maintenance task schedules specifically for the healthcare sector that are aligned to the Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs). HTMs provide guidance and advice on the design, installation and operation of specialised building and engineering technology used in the delivery of healthcare.

We have created over 100 SFG20 healthcare schedules which have been built on the core elements of SFG20 and the requirements of the HTMs, combining current statutory requirements, industry guidance and best practice. The healthcare maintenance task schedules cover all engineering disciplines including decontamination, medical gases, ventilation, water services, fire services, electrical services and lifts each having been specifically designed for hospitals, NHS Trusts, dentists, vets and doctors’ surgeries.

How can Encred help with your maintenance requirements?

As well as providing technical input on legislation and writing new task schedules for BESA we have been involved in the creation of suites of maintenance tasks for catering equipment, operational tasks, retail premises, lifts and access equipment, and mechanical handling equipment.

Encred can help you with a menu of services that enable you to introduce SFG20 into your premises, whatever size or complexity or location applies. Our menu can cover the whole service from asset survey, asset tagging, maintenance auditing, building a spreadsheet to map the assets to the relevant SFG task schedules, reviewing current maintenance schedules and frequencies to ensure no over or under maintenance of assets and most importantly that the maintenance regime you are responsible for is legally compliant.

In addition, using the SFG20 as a baseline, we can carry out a labour loading analysis to ensure that you have the correct quantity of maintenance technicians with the correct skills to allow the maintenance to be carried out efficiently. Equally Encred can assist in any single part of the menu however small or large we offer a fully bespoke service.