Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Our maintenance management services cover the management of every stage of the life cycle of the plant or building, to ensure that you are best protected from not fulfilling your statutory obligations or failure of services.

Prioritising operational and maintenance expenditure in these business critical areas needs to be balanced against the need to control costs and ensure that maintenance is in line with all legislative and statutory requirements. Escalating energy costs and the need for high levels of plant reliability all combine to emphasise the need for a properly planned maintenance strategy.

Within encred we offer a broad range of services to ensure buildings are operated and maintained at their optimum level. We have the experience to guide and advise you in the following areas:

Review of Planned Preventative Maintenance strategies

We start by validating the existing asset register and developing a base asset profile which defines the maintainable assets, criticality rating and RAG profiling, frequency of tasks and setting of skill levels. In addition, we would carry out a further review to ensure that all tasks which must be undertaken are identified and separately colour coded.

  • Red = Legal compliance – base minimum ‘must do’ tasks
  • Amber = Fit for function minimum regime, not over or under maintaining the assets
  • Green = Discretionary maintenance, non-critical assets optional tasks

We can also implement a new form of maintenance policy using the same metering equipment that has to now be installed in new projects to comply with current Building Regulations. This allows maintenance tasks to be undertaken when they are required rather than at set frequencies.

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Ongoing performance monitoring

encred can undertake quarterly audits to assess the performance of the maintenance contractor on each building. This consists of a technical audit and report and then a review meeting with the service provider. During this exercise, we note the availability and accuracy of the M&E maintenance contractor’s documentation to ensure completion of both planned and reactive maintenance, and statutory checks in particular.

Conditions surveys and forward planning budgets plus trend monitoring

We study all maintenance records and carry out surveys to establish the condition and forward maintenance needs of installations, buildings and external works. From this data, we can set out a rolling five-year budget for forward maintenance requirements. Our aim would be to reduce the amount being spent on unplanned reactive works and have better control of planned expenditure and the value gained from this.


We can investigate and report on technical or operational problems in existing Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health (MEP) installations which may not be performing to expectations. Our report will provide an overview of what has been found on site, typical solutions to overcome the problems together with indicative costs to undertake the work.

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