Energy Audit & Management

Energy Audit & Management

Energy is one of the most expensive running costs for any building. In a difficult economic climate, you need to find ways to keep your operating costs to a minimum. To do this, you need to understand how energy is being used in your building and where it is being wasted. In fact, many businesses struggle to cut costs, but reducing energy consumption is a relatively easy way to save money. A building energy audit from encredcould reduce your energy costs by between 10% and 40%.

What is an energy audit?

This is a comprehensive survey of your building’s energy usage. One of our in-house energy consultants will visit your building and analyse the energy flows, and inspect the internal and external lighting, HVAC systems and controls, heat exchangers, hot water storage devices, boiler plant, insulation, glazing, building envelope materials, motors and drives. These will then be put into a hierarchy to establish where savings can be made most quickly.

Preliminary energy audit

The quickest and simplest type of audit, this involves brief interviews with on-site personnel, a review of utility bills and other operating data, and a tour of the facility. This will enable our energy consultant to become familiar with the building and to identify any obvious areas of energy waste or inefficiency.

A preliminary audit will usually only spot major areas of energy wastage. Corrective measures will be outlined and quick estimates of cost, potential savings and simple payback periods will be provided. This level of detail will help you to prioritise energy efficiency projects and determine the need for a more detailed audit.

Detailed energy audit

This expands on the preliminary energy audit by collecting more detailed information about your building’s operation and includes a more detailed evaluation of energy conservation measures. Utility bills are collected for a 12 to 36-month period to allow the consultant to evaluate the building’s energy/demand rates and energy usage profiles.

Additional metering of specific energy-consuming systems is often carried out to support the utility data. In addition, operating personnel are interviewed to give us a better understanding of major energy consuming systems and to gain an insight into the short and longer term energy consumption patterns.

A detailed energy audit will identify all energy conservation measures appropriate for your building. A detailed financial analysis is performed for each measure, based on detailed cost estimates and predicted savings.

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